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Financial Services

Accounting Services

We are a fully licensed and peer reviewed certified public accounting firm registered with the State of New Hampshire.  Consistent with our tax and consulting practice we provide a limited range of accounting services to our clients. We have chosen to limit the attest function to providing non-disclosure compilations. This allows us to provide basic financial statements for the internal needs of our clients. However, where Audited or Reviewed financials are required, we outsource the work and provide oversight of the process.

Types of Accounting Services we provide:

  • Audit preparation and support – we help our clients prepare for annual reviewed or audited financial statements by assisting with preliminary financial statements, audit schedules or preparing tax accrual work papers

  • Transitional Bookkeeping - Whether it is setting up a new accounting system or providing the initial organization of the company files and records, we help clients meet their short-term bookkeeping needs. Once established procedures are in place, we assist in locating long-term bookkeepers or in hiring the internal accounting staff needed to get the job done.

  • Compiled Financial Statements – Financial statements can be a useful tool for management in making financial decisions.  While different than a review or an audit, we can assist you in the preparation of your financial statements in accordance with professional standards.

  • Financial Benchmarking - We work with clients to evaluate their operations using published financial benchmarking data. This process helps them establish financial goals and make improvements to the business. This business improvement process helps drive high annual cash flow numbers and higher business valuation for the owners.

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