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Property Tax Abatement

Tax Abatement Consulting

Property taxes represent one of the single largest operating expenses of real estate based businesses. We help companies manage these costs through accepted valuation and analytical approaches to evaluating a property's tax assessment.


We specialize in hotels and commercial real estate. Our practice is national in scope. We represent clients from New England to California and from Illinois to Florida.


Our tax abatement consulting is a two step process.  First we work to assist clients in evaluating the fairness of the property’s tax assessment and then, if an appeal is warranted, managing the appeal process.


Assessment Review

To evaluate the fairness of the property's assessment, will will look at various valuation techniques used by real estate appraisers including the income, cost, and market approaches. This review may include an analysis which compares the subject property's assessment to other properties in its competitive set. Our review is not intended to replace a formal real estate appraisal but to act as a guide to establishing a preliminary valuation and a starting point for discussions with the assessor.


Managing the Appeal Process

If a tax reduction is warranted we will start by negotiating with the local assessor on an informal level. This may include providing the assessor with information on the industry outlook as well as the property. We understand the need to accomplish results without creating an adversarial relationship.


In situations which warrant further formal appeals, we will prepare the necessary filings and represent the client before the local or state board of review. When additional litigation is needed we will arrange for independent appraisals, help our clients obtain the appropriate legal counsel, and act in an expert witness capacity.


Listing of Services

•  Real estate abatement

•  Personal property returns

•  Initial assessments on new construction

•  Real estate portfolio management

•  Property tax payment and cost control management

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